80 Corporate Drive #205, Scarborough, Ontario, M1H 3G5, Canada


Mission & Vision


Our mission is to build win-win relationships with our partners and vendors by consistently delivering quality services that exceed expectations.


Our vision is to be client-centered and utilize our intellectual capabilities in providing effective, efficient services through integrity, ethical values, entrepreneurship spirit, and passion for excellence.

Core Values

Our core values help us achieve our mission and keep moving us forward to a better future.


We shall always put our customer ahead of us. We shall delivery customer-centric solutions in terms of value, quality and satisfaction.


We believe in open communication and professionalism in every interaction of ours – either with our partners, clients or employees. We conduct our business with highest levels of trust, honesty and integrity.


We focus on delivering high quality service and value solutions by continuously improving our processes and capabilities. We aim at excellence in whatever we do.


We are constantly on a learning curve – new domains, better processes, products, services and management practices.


We build passionate employees. We encourage our employee’s dreams, value their perspective and provide opportunities to explore their unknown skills.


We strive for imaginative, innovative and out-of-box thoughts and ideas.


We believe that “all work and no play make bad employees”. Besides work, we also engage our employees in various extra-curricular activities, provide for personal growth, and encourage teamwork.


Our strengths are our ability to adapt to technology changes, zeal to learn new domains and constantly keep perfecting our processes. We treat our clients as an extension of ourselves and look beyond their requirements document, understand their business needs and propose value solutions. We treat our employees as stakeholders and value their opinions and inputs. We tap into their EQ & IQ. It’s this interaction and involvement that has created many a success stories.

Value Proposition

  • • Cost effective solutions (Reduce outsourcing software development costs)
  • • Enhance revenue growth
  • • Strong customer relationship and services
  • • High responsiveness to client’s needs
  • • Skilled and organized Personnel
  • • Extensive experience in projects of different complexity and scope
  • • Flexible software development process to suit the client’s requirements
  • • On-time delivery
  • • Customizable pricing models
  • • Comprehensive documentation

Engagement Models

Fixed Price Engagement:

This model is suitable for clients with well defined schedules and project requirements. Our technical experts analyze the requirements and estimate the time based on the functional points and use cases methodology. On completion of the final deliverables, acceptance testing, deployment and user training, hand over is carried out at the client’s site. We will take complete responsibility of the delivery and quality of the application in this model. We also provide post release corrective, adaptive and perfective maintenance services. We deploy resources like Project managers, Project Leads, Technical resources, Subject Matter Experts (SME), Technical writers and Graphic designers as per the need and complexity of the project.

Time and Material (T & M) Engagement:

This model can be used where we participate and evolve the software development project requirements along with the client to suit the client’s business needs. This shall necessitate additional or lesser resources based on the complexity of requirements. We will take all the steps for the better fitment of the resources to suit the client’s business domain and complexity of the application. The technical resources deployed for this model are handpicked, with appropriate trainings scheduled to learn new techniques in the required domain.

Service level fixed price Engagement:

This model can be used where the services are mission critical. We take complete responsibility on the up-time, and satisfactory performance of the application.

Dedicated Team:

This model can be used when the client is looking forward to a long term partnership with significant amount of work. This is to ensure that the knowledge base is retained for the client. We take the responsibility of recruiting a team that satisfies the project requirements and domain expertise. The clients can also participate in the recruitment process.